How to Get Ready for your Open House

This video will give you the tips you need to get ready for your big open house. Starting with a clean kitchen by clearing the countertops & adding a colorful centerpiece. Bathrooms should sparkle and shine with fresh clean towels, soap and area rug added to create a “spa like” experience. Moving onto the bedrooms which should be clear of all personal items, beds made and curtains open for light. The remaining rooms should be clean and staged and toys put away. Lastly, you should remove prescription medications, valuables and financial documents and store them or take them with you. 


Here’s a preview of this video:

  • [0:20]  Step 1 get your kitchen ready
  • [0:46]  Step 2 get the bedrooms ready
  • [1:20]  Step 3 get your bathrooms ready
  • [2:16]  Step 4 getting the remainder of the house ready
  • [2:57]  Step 5 removing all your valuables
  • [3:35]  Step 6 finishing touches

For more info about how to get your house ready to go on the market, be sure to check out my video on 3 Steps to Staging Your Home