Dear Friends, Family & Clients, Where do I start with this subject …. the first of my blogs? I couldn’t imagine a more highly talked about and controversial health issue  than the Coronavirus. This has the world in complete chaos and its trickled down to our state and local levels
This video will give you the tips you need to get ready for your big open house. Starting with a clean kitchen by clearing the countertops & adding a colorful centerpiece. Bathrooms should sparkle and shine with fresh clean towels, soap and area rug added to create a “spa like”
  In this video, we focus on your kitchen.. The most important room in your house! We do this in 3 easy steps: Remove, Rearrange, Refresh. We want to remove everything from the counters except large appliances. Take away a leaf in the table and the chairs if they are
In this video I share with you my 3 Step Staging process for the Living room. We will edit the room by removing and /or rearranging some of the furniture. Removing curtains or carpeting and portraits. We refresh the rooms with paint, refinishing hardwood floors, adding shear curtains and a
Staging your home is the most important thing you can do when you are getting ready to sell. Staging a luxury home is not the same as staging any other house on the market. In this video, I will give you the steps you need to get your home ready
When it’s time to sell your home, getting multiple offers is an exciting event. In this video, I explain how market conditions, staging your home, and knowing the fair market value of your home, all contribute to obtaining the highest and best price for your home.    Here’s a preview
When you receive a written offer on your home, there are several parts of the offer that need to be deciphered. Besides the offer price, there are downpayment, contingencies and terms to consider. Your REALTOR® can help you decide what are the ideal dates and terms and if it is
This  video advises you on the 3 major areas of concern to look for when having a home inspected in Massachusetts. Once you have hired a home inspector, they will investigate the home from the foundation to the systems to the roof. The 3 major areas of concern to focus